About these recordings.

Stan White has written and recorded all of this music at his studio "Surfers Sound" at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast Australia. The music is distributed soley through this website.
The intention is to provide an alternative to expensive production music while giving the end user the confidence that no other authorty has any rights to or claim in the use of this music in the end user's project.
It is not pernmitted to resell the music by itself, that's Stan's job

Conditions of Use

Royalty Free Licence Information
Surfers Paradise Sound Studios and Stan White being the owner of all rights in these recordings and hereinafter referred to as the "copyright owner", reserve all rights in these recordings but hereby grant a licence to the original purchaser only (hereinafter referred to as "the purchaser") who may copy this music onto the purchasers audio, video, film, multimedia or other project requiring background music. The purchaser may then publicly perform, broadcast, copy or duplicate, let, lend, lease, sell, hire or dispose of the aforementioned project as the purchaser may deem fit without seeking permission of or paying further fees to the copyright owner of this music.
The purchaser may also broadcast this music as background music at the purchasers place of business without payment of fees to any other person.
It shall be a breach of copyright if the purchaser or any other person or entity copies or duplicates any of this music for the purpose of resale of the music only.
Apon purchase from us, you can use this music for just about anything, but you can't re-sell only the music only, by itself, as we do.
If in doubt, contact us and describe your project. We'll return an email with our permission.